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Eddie Money Records ‘She Came In Through The Bathroom Window’ Among Other #1 Selling Hits

Posted 05 January 2008 | News   

Multi-Platinum Recording Artist Signs Digital Distribution Deal with Sacramento-Based Gigatone Entertainment LLC

SACRAMENTO, CAJanuary 5, 2008 – Multi-platinum recording artist, Eddie Money, having eight records in Billboard’s Top 200, spent several days at Sacramento’s The Track Shack Studios.  After signing a next generation digital download iTunes distribution deal with Sacramento-based  Gigatone Entertainment LLC, Eddie was busy recording a number of #1 Top tunes to be released in the coming weeks.

Eddie Money Live

Gigatone is the brain-child of Mitch Koulouris, forner Founder & CEO of Digital Media Group, the last company ever to launch a successful Initial Public Offering in the music business. A Sacramento native and music entrepreneur, Mitch has been busy signing a number of heritage artists to record, digitally master, and distribute songs exclusively over the Internet. Gigatone has even commissioned its own house band, stacked with professional ringers, known as  The Axemen  to record new tunes, not readily available in digital superstores.

Rock singer Eddie Money’s personal life has garnered him almost as much attention as his successful albums of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Eddie was born in NYC ‘Edward Mahoney’ which he later shortened to ‘Money’ on March 21, 1949. His father, a NYPD officer, relocated the family from Brooklyn to Long Island when Eddie was just a youngster. Seeming to come out of nowhere with his 1977 self-titled debut, Money had become a fixture in the San Francisco rock scene where a chance tryout for Bill Graham launched his rocket. Lots of years, drugs, and money later, Eddie has become one of the hardest working showman in the business playing nearly 100 gigs a year, writing a Broadway play based on his life, and making television appearances, including The King of Queens.

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