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Original ‘Tower Records’ Sign Moves To The Track Shack

Posted 10 October 2010 | News   
Tower Sign 01

Tower Records Sign Inside The Track Shack Studios

October 10, 2010 – Sacramento, Calif. -  It’s official — the  Tower Records sign, removed from the first retail store that opened in 1966,  has been moved to The Track Shack Studios. 

The Tower Records chain was born in the 1950s, when Russ Soloman began selling records out of his father’s pharmacy on Broadway in Sacramento.  But, the first official Tower Records store opened on Watt Avenue in 1966, where the Tower sign was removed on March 17, 2009, after the chain closed its doors.

“I’m happy to have purchased the sign at auction,” said Mitch Koularis, founder of Gigatone Records and MyRecord Fantasy.  “I worked as an employee at Tower Records, and owe my love of music and understanding an artist’s catalog, from that experience.  Russ Solomon was a pioneer in the retail music business, with lots of artists owing their commercial success to Russ for building such a solid distribution channel that, unfortunately, was gradually replaced by Internet downloads.”

In 2006, bankrupcy proceedings oversaw the liquidation of 89 U.S.-based Tower Record stores.  

Russ Solomon, the founder of Tower Records, was there to watch crews remove the original Tower Records sign.  “We had so much fun here,” said Solomon.  “We learned a lot about music.”

The neon signs were removed by Pacific Neon and SR Moving & Storage on March 17, 2009 and were originally donated to the Sacramento Archies & Museum Collection Center at McClellan Park.  However, creditors decided to put the sign up for auction, in part to satisfy creditors. 

“The thing that makes me happy is wasn’t going to be destroyed like so many others all over the country,” said Solomon.  “So I’m actually very happy about the whole thing.”

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