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Parties At The Track Shack

Party Collage

The Track Shack Studios, Sacramento’s coolest party venue, has partnered with Associated Entertainment Consultants Sacramento, Inc. (AECSAC) (916) 354-9924 to offer you something completely unique. We can help you create the party of your dreams or if you are interested in promoting your favorite local band we can help you set up the perfect gig. Even if you just want an off the hinges Guitar Herothon complete with indoor basketball court and all night snack bar we can make it happen.

Our partnership gives you access to professional event producers, world class decor, any type of entertainment, top of the line photographers and more. 

Our event specialists particularly like fun, high energy events. We can help you create the perfect Dance Party for a Sweet 16 or a slick theme event for Grad Night fun. The Track Shack has huge, flat screen TV’s for special screenings or video game parties, a VIP lounge, private kitchen and of course full scale studio so you can record your own My Space Demo.

When we launched The Track Shack, the first thing out of everyone’s mouth was “What a place to party!” If you are a music fanatic, The Track Shack is the place for that special milestone party. Live music or DJ, Band Fantasy Birthdays, custom menus and favors.. Midnight Suppers after the show.. even Headliners flown in for private concerts.. The Track Shack and Associated Entertainment Sacramento are set up to handle all the details. 

And Events for Young People… 

Well, you can imagine how much fun The Track Shack is for the 9 and up crowd and we love Young People events! We have a Young People Event Specialist who understands and appreciates enthusiastic, young music lovers.